Setting Up Your Fundraising Page

Use the following directions for creating your page. Pay close attention to whether you will be dancing as an individual or with a team, as the directions vary slightly.


  1. Go to Cam-a-thon’s Everyday Hero page
  2. Team captain creates his/her individual or “supporter” page by clicking on “Start Fundraising” at the top of the page
    1. this is the page that the team captain will use to log his/her individual donations
  3. After completing an individual or “supporter” page, he/she clicks on the “create a new team” link on the right of the page
    1. this will allow the team captain to form the team’s page
  4. Once the team page is created, team captains can then invite other students to join that team via email
    1. you can transfer “team captain” status at any time, and delete or add members at any time



  1. Go to Cam-a-thon’s Everyday Hero page
  2. Create a “supporter” page by clicking on “Start Fundraising” at the top of the main page.
  3. Enter your information and start fundraising!



  1. All participants are encouraged to raise $100 each. Remember: Cam-a-thon the event is designed as a celebration of our community’s generous contribution to pediatric cancer research!
  2. If you have already received cash or check donations, or an online donation through the donation page on Cure4Cam’s Website, simply log these donations by clicking on the “add offline donations” hyperlink on the right of your fundraising page.
  3. Make all checks out to Cure4Cam INC
  4. There is a service fee for making online donations through everyday hero–it is an amount that any donors can pay themselves, or pass onto Cure4Cam to pay.


To log offline donations on you everyday hero page, such as cash or checks, navigate to your page.  Once here, scroll down, looking at the sidebar.  You will see a small link just above the Cure4Cam logo “Add offline donations”. Click this and add the information about the donation which you have recieved.  Make sure to bring the money with you to Cam-A-Thon™, or give it Mr Long in B112 at STEM.


  • Restaurant Fundraisers
    • Taco Maya
    • Dairy Queen
    • Pj’s
    • Chick fil a
    • Panera
    • Chipotle
    • Snap
    • Anthony’s
  • Other places
    • Bowling
    • Car wash
    • Selling bracelets, pretzels, donuts
    • Asking family members/friends